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Arnie & Lumos


Hi. If you are here, you are probably interested in a dog breed that is still not very popular in many countries – the smooth collie. Maybe you are even looking for a kennel and you ended up here.
I don’t have a kennel, although I have a stud dog. But wait!!!
Maybe my website will help you learn more about the breed. Maybe it will help you to make some decision. Or just make you enjoy looking at the pictures. Whatever the case – I’m glad you’re here!
So stay a while and listen to the smooth stories.
Beyond seven mountains, beyond seven forests, lives a girl with two dogs….

About me
Arnie & Lumos
Stud dog


A person
who has never owned a dog
has missed a wonderful part of life.

bob barker

Where we are

We live in Opole. Almost right in the city centre. However, I’m dreaming of moving somewhere in the countryside.